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Farm Equipment Service Department

Agricultural Machinery Service Department

The service department, of any successful agricultural machinery dealership, is the hub of the business.  With well trained, intelligent, reliable, friendly, and content technicians, Glascock Equipment & Sales firmly believes this to be true and has committed the resources necessary to prove it to you.

We have a total of nine technicians throughout the dealership with more than 93 years of experience, employed by and serving the customers of Glascock Equipment & Sales!  Knowing that our customers can rely on the same trustworthy tech, year after year, to be available to help with their service needs is very important.

The service department of Glascock Equipment & Sales considers it a privilege to be asked to work with you, and invite you to call us when the need arises. If you need any of your farm equipment repaired or any small engine repair services are needed, look no further.

Small Engine Repair Services

Small Engine Repair Shop

Skid Steer Repair Service

From time to time repairing your skid loader or skid steer instead of buying a new one may be the best option. Here at Glascock Equipment & Sales we diagnose issues and repair your skid steer quickly to get you back on the job site. If you need light construction equipment repair, farm equipment repair, or small engine repair contact us today.

Skid Loader Repair Service
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