November 30, 2020

Do You Know How To Use Anal Beads To Give Your Partner Maximum Satisfaction?

By administrator

For so many years, anal sex has been that forbidden topic that made you had to hide your anal beads and be ashamed of them, but fortunately today that censorship is fading away.

You don’t have to be a homosexual or a quirky person to enjoy anal sex either. A study performed on three heterosexual people found that they had participated in anal intercourse in the past year. Now more than ever, all kinds of people are getting into anal play to add some pizazz in their sex lives. And it’s Fan- tASSSSS-tic!

If you are considered delving into your derrière during sex or you want to explore anal play, this may be your guide. Here are a few of our professional tips on all you need to know about everything anal including anal misconceptions as well as how to use sex toys for your bottom such as anal beads and an anal plug

Be Conscious Of Your Body

Your anus opens and closes with the help of the internal and external anal sphincters which have lots of nerve endings that provide pleasure or pain. Most of these nerve endings are plentiful around the anal opening, however, the most outlying part of the rectum also has a few nerve endings too!

The anus and the rectum that is next to it can enlarge and are extremely sensitive to pressure. For those who have a prostate, the gratification from anal penetration can be even more profound because the prostate is also an erotic gland that can be easily stimulated through the rectal wall. The prostate massager is a great tool to have to arouse your partner’s prostate glands. 

You’re Not Gay If You Enjoy Anal Play

Many heterosexual men steer away from anal sex because they believe that this is an activity that only homosexual men do, or this type of sexual activity will “make them gay”. These sad taboos that have been connected to anal sex have made many people think that if you enjoy anal sex, then you must be a closeted gay. This is a complete fallacy. Studies have revealed that not all homosexual men take part in anal sex and it’s not unusual in heterosexual relationships. So, if you think it’s gay to like anal sex, think again!

The Laws Against Sodomy

If you liked anal sex and lived before 1963, you had to be very discreet about it. During this time, every state in the United States had laws against sodomy, and some of them were very harsh sentences including a lifetime in prison.

Fortunately, throughout the decades, many states changed direction and abolished these laws. A case in point is in 2003 when the US Supreme Court decided in Lawrence v. Texas that laws against sodomy were unconstitutional. Although this has happened, there are still over 12 states in the United States that have not nullified sodomy statues even in this day and age. 

This is due to the socio-cultural and religious reasons that many people and societies have towards sex that it serves as a function of procreation. 

In other countries in the world, anal sex has even harsher punishments that can result in the death penalty. Nevertheless, many still go on to consider anal sex as a natural and genuine form of sexual activity that is just as pleasing as other forms of sexual expression. 

Anal Play Is Not Just About The Penetration

Just because you are having anal sex doesn’t mean you must have penile penetration. Some of the most pleasurable types of anal sex don’t require a penis at all. Anal sex can consist of fingering, use of sex toys such as anal beads or plugs, rimming, and pegging. 

If you don’t know what rimming is, it refers to performing oral stimulation on your partner’s anus. Also, pegging is when a female performs anal sex on her male partner by penetrating his anus with a sex toy or a strap on dildo. Again, the male recipient doesn’t identify as gay. So, the more imaginative you are with your anal play, the better and more enjoyable it is!

Getting Prepared Is Just The Beginning

Before you get to the bedroom, you have to prepare for anal sex. It begins with your diet, which should be full of fiber, or you should at least be taking fiber supplements. High fiber foods consist of legumes, vegetables, leafy greens, berries, other fruits, avocados, and whole grains.

Nowadays, since many of us are consuming a Western diet that doesn’t include a lot of fiber, it may be necessary to take supplements that contain fiber-rich powder. A high fiber diet is important to have because it ensures that there is a complete evacuation of stool matter during bowel movements so you don’t have to worry about messy accidents during anal play. When you purposely make fiber a part of your daily routine, cleaning before anal sex is a lot less complicated. Normally, a quick shower is all you need.

Besides a high fiber diet, some people who participate in anal sex go that extra mile and do a deep clean beforehand. This is usually known as anal douching. Many people falsely believe that this is a necessary step before anal sex, but the anus is naturally equipped with natural bacteria that can fight off infection and stays clean when the person has regular hygiene practices. 

Everyone is different, so it’s up to you if you want or need to douche before anal sex, but you have to keep in mind a few facts before doing it on a regular basis. 

For instance, over-douching can result in anal irritation, mucosal injury, and an imbalance of the bacterial gut microbiome. These side effects can lead to increase rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and micro-traumas such as anal tears (fissures) and hemorrhoids. So, be aware of this, how often you douche, and try to use a natural pH-balanced solution.

Last but certainly not least, just because we’re just focusing on the anus, it never means you should ignore the other erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples, or other forms of masturbation and pleasuring during your anal play adventures!